Heroic Progression

For the last 2 weeks we’ve been moving further and further into Heroic Uldir progression.  Friday night we were able to go through the previous weeks clears (3/8H) relatively quickly and start focusing on Vectis progression again.  On Saturday, we picked back up on Vectis.  After a few pulls, we were able to get a kill and move on to Zek’voz.  We spent most of the night before finally getting a kill (which was far from clean, but we cleared it).

With that kill, we’re ranked a solid 17 on the realm and look forward to moving forward next week.  Here are some kill clips from Vectis and Zek’voz.

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8/8N Uldir Cleared

We’ve officially cleared 8/8 Normal Uldir as a guild group.  With no pugs, or additional assistance outside of the guild.  Thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication to making this happen.  We look forward to moving into Heroic in the near future.

P.S. Check out some of the kill videos and our screenshot for the kill below.


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